In the preparation to take the inevitable driving test, here are some helpful links that may aid you so that you can perform the best on the day of the test! Some helpful tips our instructors have provided is to master the test route and its surrounding routes and to remain calm as to think of the supervisor as your pal!


MyRTA Online Booking

There are often complications on whether there are availabilities to suit your own needs. MyRTA allows you to view availabilities beforehand to adjust practice and build-up confidence and skills until the very day! 


Practice the NSW Driver Knowledge Test

As a vital source of practice for obtaining the Learners License, the Drivers Knowledge Test is also able to provide a system of checking if your knowledge correctly addresses the road rules present. This gathers many common practices allowing you to succeed with the knowledge you are correctly following road rules.


RMS Driver's License Information

The following link is able to provide fundamental knowledge and theory when applying for a drivers license. It is also able to show the prerequisites of obtaining a license. This can include converting overseas/interstate licenses with the correct NSW license.